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Shadow Songs Crescendo

"Fantastic" is the only way I can describe the opening reception for my feature show, Shadow Songs, at Gallery621. Wave after wave of happy spirits flowing around the art, soaking in the colors, the conversation, the food. Pure tones from Brendan Swift's harp lingered between smiles and called everyone deeper.

Three pieces about writhing, finding, and power

We talked of dragons, and sleeping women, and fossil-pressed souls. We took guilty pleasure from Eros' secret visits, entangled egos, and mystical consummations! And we talked shop too.

Part of Shadow Songs, the night of the reception,

A big thank-you to all who came out to the opening reception. As you might expect, attendance figures are fuzzy. We stopped counting at thirty-five and they just kept coming: friends, artists, writers, musicians, and family. I enjoyed visiting with all of you and so appreciate you bringing your friends, and friends of friends, and big salute to Lance for bringing his own mini corn-dog. Bless you sir.

Two ladies very familiar with shadows -- friends and Outlaw Writers Ann Berliner and Layla Wolfe, with Ken at the reception. Did I punctuate that right? Probably not.

March 30 and 31 is the last weekend to see the show! Plenty of opportunity for glory remains: come visit the underworld, fall in love with some new art and arise reborn.

"On a quiet street where old ghosts meet..."

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