About Kenneth



Feature Exhibitions

  • Shadow Songs, Gallery 621, Benicia, Mar 2019

  • Come Be New, Gallery 621, Benicia, Feb 2020

Group Exhibitions

  • Gallerie Renee Marie, Benicia CA, Dec 2018

  • Art of a Community Show, Arts Benicia, Jan 2019

  • Benicia Open Studios, May 2019

  • Art of a Community Show, Arts Benicia, Feb 2020

  • Art of a Community Show, Arts Benicia, Mar 2021


Gallery Representation

  • Gallery 621, Benicia CA

Art of a Community Show, Arts Benicia

Kenneth Cook is a northern California native who currently lives and works in Vallejo, California.  He is a member of Arts Benicia and exhibits with Gallery 621, also in Benicia. He has studied art with teachers all around the Bay Area.

Exhibition at Gallery 621, Benicia.  Beach Nap (shown here with figure by Valerie Raven)

After years of working in watercolor, Ken has turned to acrylic and mixed media.  "The habit of working fast in painting watercolor finds me moving rapidly from canvas to canvas, sometimes with a brush in each hand.  Eventually though, the acrylic demands its time, allowing my heart to catch up to the drying surface. The result is a work that captures a deeper, layered journey."

A rare moment of still water on Carquinez Strait

That ebb and flow is a natural part of his environment. From his studio above the Carquinez Strait, he witnesses the daily rhythms of tide pushing against relentless river currents.  "The salt water is moving beneath the fresh water. Everything contends and mixes. It's layer on layer of transition. This resonates with me and my paintings.​"

When not creating new works, Kenneth can be found canoeing on the strait, or playing Celtic fiddle.  He laughs, "Fiddle impacts the paintings as well, but we should save that for a blog post."