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Shadow Songs

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I'm pleased to announce my featured show, Shadow Songs, at Gallery621 in Benicia. Opening reception is March 9, 4 - 6 pm.

This show stirs up some undercurrents from the shadows, where gods long forgotten wrestle with songs so sweet they are painful to hear. The beautiful ones writhe, and rise, and sometimes pull you down to join them.

Hold hands and bring your light, because it's dark down there. You may turn to find lovers entangled on a moonlit beach, or Psyche's hideous unseen lover, a burst of immortal union, or an eidolon so twisted you cannot name it. If you have courage, you can pause to ask why it has appeared to you...or you can take comfort in friends and refreshments. Just keep in mind what happens when you eat in the underworld!

Reception music will be provided by Brendan Swift on harp. I've known Brendan for many years. He was raised on the edge of the Elysian fields and is a talented multi-instrumentalist, agriculturist, linguist, and emerging craftsman. Most importantly, he and his harp are in-demand guides for tours of the depths. His experience will be invaluable to us. You can learn more

Hope to see you there!

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