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A Fresh New Year

Hanging in the Gallery 621 Show

I've been invited to join the 621 Gallery group at 309 First St., Benicia. We are a co-op with thirteen members.

The January show demonstrates the a wide range of styles with a wonderful harmonization. Styles range from plein art oils to beautiful monotypes, multimedia collage to assemblage. Nikki Basch-Davis did a fantastic job in hanging the show. What colors!

We had a very lively opening was last night. Thanks to all my friends who came out! We saw friends from the Benicia Outlaw Writers Group, from Copart, family, and of course other artists I've enjoyed painting with here in Benicia. I got to meet a lot of new people and learned even more about my fellow artists in the group. We got to talking about DNA ancestry and such....sounds like the influence of my Arbëreshë heritage should be a future blog post.

"Beach Nap" shown in the photo has an interesting history. It is part of a pair of paintings (the other is "Beach Walk") that started life as a sensuous sketch of couples embracing and soon became a splash fest of color.

The origins of Beach Nap and Beach Walk

The result was pleasing and encourages me to go back to this in the future.

In developing the pieces, two new paintings emerged, along with, for me, a figure walking and a figure napping. The figures formed the heart of the delightful exploration of textures and pleasurable movement that became the final works.

I'm looking forward to wonderful shows throughout 2019 at Gallery 621!

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